Dave Asprey created and shared his recipe for Bullet Proof Coffee back in 2009 after experiencing Yak butter tea in Tibet. The idea behind it is to make one’s health, energy and productivity “bullet proof”. I like that.

What if there were a way to make your spine “bullet proof”? I think there is.

Lower back issues are #2 on the list of reasons for disability worldwide. It is also estimated that over 80{1dc5d9b538d64e9484c21d7d1f996bda10510aedc2d09d1969fd38d8b5517ad4} of people in this country will deal with it in their lifetime. I certainly have (check out my story here).

With it being such a problem there are so many approaches to treating and taking care of it. You have medicine, acupuncture, meditation, personal trainer, chiropractic, surgery, physical therapy, massage therapy, cupping, and so many more. All of those might be needed and can give you favorable results, but they have one hiccup and one thing in common. They are all provided to you by others, professionals.

What if you could take control and make your spine “bullet proof”?

While I run a Fort Collins chiropractic office, I am here to tell you that you can have real results by incorporating the 3 exercises I endorse for your bullet proof spine. Of course, there is no substitution for the recommendations of the professional you are working with. If you are currently working with a doctor or professional, these 3 exercises are probably in addition to. They will work like super glue to get your results to stick. Along with a chiropractic plan to correct my patient’s spine needs, I give these exercises to most of my clients to cement the function of their spine in place.

My Yoga ripoff

The first one I ripped off from Yoga because it gets the job done. It is called many things but I refer to it as Cat/Cow. The idea here is not to stretch but to put motion into your spine. Your body requires motion for health. I think that we would all agree that the brain is the super computer that runs all of the body’s functions. It’s true, but science in the past 10 years has demonstrated that 80{1dc5d9b538d64e9484c21d7d1f996bda10510aedc2d09d1969fd38d8b5517ad4} of the brain’s function is driven from the input of the spine/nerve system connection. So if you are sedentary or stuck in a chair all day, your health is going to suffer. This simple activity will not substitute your lifestyle, you need to move, but it will help ensure that your spine is getting motion. It is best to do this first thing in the morning to activate your spine and any other time throughout your day that you would like.

Leading with your core

It has been beat into our minds from our PE teachers, doctors, trainers and late-night infomercials that we need to have a strong core. I admit it is true. But a majority of people that I see who are suffering from lower back pain, sciatic, hip pain, bulging disc and others have, not a weak core, but and inactive core. So essentially your core may be laying down on the job. So, the Leading with your Core exercise is a great way to ensure that your core is turned on all of the time and supporting your activities and protecting your spine.

Glutes to the rescue

While we have all heard about the importance of your core, we don’t hear so much about your glutes, but they are equally important.  This one is a little different because most people have weak glutes that need to be strengthen, but they also need them activated to utilized when needed.

All of these exercises have one thing in common. They won’t do anything for you unless you do them. Those that have received the most benefit from my care are those who admittedly do the home care, including these, that I prescribe for them.

There is no substitute for your daily habits when it comes to your health.

While these exercises will make you strong, sometimes there are things that need to be corrected before we should superglue (the exercises) around them. That is where a chiropractic office like mine comes in. It’s super important that you make sure you have proper spine alignment before you go gang busters on these exercises. The reason being is that you could be super gluing your spine in a position that isn’t proper and can lead to problems down the road.

If you’d like two additional exercises that can further strengthen your spine, send me an email here and I would be more than happy to send you a link to them.