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What are Seizures?

Seizures are a very debilitating and frustrating condition for sufferers. They are very scary and concerning for loved ones and bystanders witnessing them.

Due to their unpredictable nature, seizures can limit a person’s activities and involvement in many aspects of life if they are not well controlled. When seizures are occurring less than 24 hours apart, this condition is called epilepsy.

Causes of Seizures

Seizures are caused because of abnormal electrical activity in the brain. This results in different types of seizures; grand mal, petit mal, focal and febrile. These present differently from one another from full body convulsions to minor uncontrolled movement. Seizures happen in adults and children.

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Spine Connection

Your spine may play a role in seizure activity. About 80 percent of the brain’s function is derived from the input it received from your environment through your perception and physical senses. This information is translated to your nerve system to your spinal cord that traverses up your back to your brain.

Your brain in turn acts as the super computer to orchestrate your response to all of that input. However, when there is problem with how this is processed in the brain, congestion of information in the spinal cord, or an over stimulation resulting in barrage of electrical impulses; the result can be a seizure.

In particular the top two vertebrae of the spine (C1 and C2) have demonstrated the most influence on seizure activity when there is an abnormal alignment present.

The reason being is that they are situated around the bottom of the brain stem and top of the spinal cord where all electrical impulses going to and from brain have to pass through. What’s more is that these vertebrae have a direct physical connection to these nerve tissues.

So when there is an incorrect alignment the processing of all of the electrical impulses can become congested and unorganized potentially resulting many different neurological symptoms such as seizures. It is also important to understand that this scenario can be present with or without neck pain.

Correcting the Problem

Anyone who suffers with seizures should have their spine checked for these misalignments called subluxations. Your spine can be evaluated and diagnosed through a complete examination with a chiropractor. The chiropractor will be able to tell you if you have any misalignments in the upper part of your neck that may have an impact on your seizure activity.

To correct the misalignments a very specific adjustment will be necessary. This can be achieved through a manual adjustment or a gentler instrument lead style. The important thing is that you are comfortable and you get results. These adjustments are safe and effective for both children and adults.

At Inner Vitality we have helped numerous adults and children who were looking for relief from their seizures. It is very rewarding to see lives changed when seizure activity decreases or stops. We take these conditions seriously and perform a very detailed health analysis and exam to ensure our patient’s safety and results.

If you are having seizures in Fort Collins and would like an evaluation to discover if you are a candidate for chiropractic care; you can schedule with us here or call 970-300-2166.

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