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What is Neuropathy?

Do you have it?  If you are searching the internet for information or treatment of peripheral neuropathy, you like have this diagnosis or are suffering from its symptoms. This nerve disorder commonly affects your feet and hands, causing burning/tingling pain, weakness, sensory loss and balance problems.

You may have taken medication for it and been told you have to live with it. That is not necessarily the truth. If it is identified early it can often be controlled if not corrected. Don’t let another day go by without scheduling to see our neuropathy specialist of Fort Collins.

Young and old alike, 25 million Americans deal with peripheral neuropathy. There are many causes but generally occur when there is damage to the nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord.

Diabetes accounts for 30%. Another 30% are idiopathic or unknown in cause. The rest can be caused by autoimmune disorders, toxins, tumors, trauma, infections or nutritional/metabolic variances. Generally it has been treated with medications and physical therapy but newer technology and protocols have been proven to work even better.

Peripheral neuropathy affects both muscle movement nerves and nerves that detect sensations such as pain and temperature. Neuropathy can potentially affect internal organs including blood vessels, intestines, heart and bladder. It can be difficult to diagnose because it starts a seemingly benign tingle along with another underlying disease or cause. We are experts at diagnosing and successfully treating those suffering with this condition.

Fort Collins Neuropathy Doctor

We are proud to offer the BluePrint to Neuropathy program.  With this program we are experienced at helping people with neuropathy conditions. This is an innovative and systematic approach to treating neuropathy and getting you back to happy living.

Already tried other medical therapies such as medications and physical therapy?  There’s a very good chance our system is a good fit to help you. Our approach addresses the neurological, metabolic, and nutritional challenges to get rid of your chronic symptoms no matter how long you’ve had them. Let us Help!

Symptoms of Neuropathy

  • Loss of feeling in feet
  • Electrical, crawling pain
  • Shooting pains in the arms or legs
  • Hands or Feet Stiffness
  • Feelings of pins and needles
  • Fatigue in the legs
  • Burning or tingling in feet
  • Balance issues
  • Cold hands or feet
  • Restless legs

Common Causes of Neuropathy

  • History of Back or Neck Problems (Herniated Discs, Spinal Stenosis…)
  • Sugar Imbalance, History of Sugar Imbalance, Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes
  • Certain Medications (Cholesterol lowering medications, Chemotherapy)
  • Familial, Genetic, Autoimmune conditions

Neuropathy Treatment

At our FREE seminar, you’ll learn how you can get back to doing the things you love with our safe, effective, non-surgical, FDA-cleared neuropathy treatment program. Call today at 970-300-2166 to schedule.

  • The underlying causes and the key to prevention; How it is diagnosed and when it can be successfully treated.
  • The Nobel prize winning discovery that every neuropathy patient MUST know.
  • A technology originally developed by NASA that helps decrease painful neuropathy symptoms
  • 3 simple changes to your diet for prevention.
  • Advanced diagnostic testing to help determine treatment.
  • A simple home therapy approved by Medicare that is used by some of the largest specialty hospitals in the country.

If you’d like to explore how we have helped countless individuals restore and take control of their health, give us a call and we will schedule a private seminar and consultation with Dr. Overholt. Give us a call at 970-300-2166.

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