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Treating Neck Pain in Fort Collins, CO

Neck pain can be very troubling. Your neck is an incredibly important part of your overall health. It is made up of seven bones called vertebra. These vertebra are very particular in their shapes and alignment to allow for a lot more motion than any other part of the spine and to protect the spinal cord and the bottom of the brain stem.
Because of the neck’s tremendous range of motion it is susceptible to injury from various sports and hobbies, work place habits, sleeping habits, device usage and even car accidents. Also, the distinct alignment of the neck region allows from a properly functioning nerve system. The human neck is designed to have a 40-45 degree curve with the convexity forward. This is required for a properly functioning nervous system.

Symptoms of Neck Pain

The severity of neck pain can vary from person to person. Many people will describe their neck pain as dull and achy or even sharp and shooting. It is not uncommon for neck problems to refer pain into the head or down into the shoulders. In severe cases neurological symptoms can be present in the arms or hands.

This can show up as tingling sensations, weakness, numbness, in coordination or a nagging ache. With these type of symptoms it is necessary to have a thorough examination to distinguish the root cause as many times other conditions such as thoracic outlet syndromes are present and may exhibit similar symptoms.

Causes of Neck Pain

The cause of your problem might be a singular misalignment that causes joints to become jammed and the surrounding muscles to work differently and fatigue quicker. More significantly is the overall alignment of the neck.
If it is not in its proper 40-45 degree curve this can result in a whole host of issues from pain, to reduced range of motion, and many neurological issues such as: headaches, migraines, seizures, depressed immune system, radiculopathy in your arms, sleeping problems, mental fog and more.

Do a Posture Test

You can actually do a home posture test where you can see for yourself if your neck is not in the proper position. How you do this is stand in front of a mirror in your normal posture.
Just look straight ahead and take notice of the level of your shoulders, is one higher than the other? Does your neck slant to one side? Are your ears level? Does it seem like your head is slightly rotated to one side or the other? You can also have a friend look from the side. Is your head moved forward off of your shoulders?

Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain

With many Chiropractors in Fort Collins to choose from, be rest assured that Dr. Jeremy Overholt has extensive experience with treating neck pain with chiropractic techniques!

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