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Fort Collins Migraine Treatment

Caring for people with migraines is one of our favorites at Inner Vitality because when a person’s migraines reduce or disappear it is a game changer for them. And we have an incredible track record of great results.

Migraines are one of the most disabling diseases in the world. They are so common in the United States that 1 in 4 households have at least one member who suffers with them. While most sufferers experience migraine episodes once or twice a month, some will experience them weekly or daily. In most cases it is impossible to function in one’s job or daily activities.

Migraine Symptoms

Being that migraines are a neurological condition with neurological symptoms, chiropractic is uniquely situated as a more natural solution to this burden.

Many times the root of the problem lies in the upper neck region of the spine (cervical spine). Here there are uniquely shaped vertebra that allow for significant range of motion and protection of the spinal cord and brain stem.

These vertebrae are called C1 and C2 or the Atlas and the Axis respectively. They are unique in that they are the only vertebra of the spine that have a direct attachment to spinal cord and brain stem via tiny ligaments.

These areas of the spinal cord and brain stem are neurologically responsible for many of your five physical senses, immune system, blood flow to the brain and is the final bottleneck of information going to and from the body and brain. Because of all this, when there are misalignment in these two vertebrae, neurological situations occur. In the case of the migraine sufferer this can result in a pounding headache on one or both sides of the head, sensitivity to light and smells, vomiting and more.

Chiropractic is effective with reducing or eliminating migraines if misalignments are found in the upper neck and established as causative problem. This is done through a thorough health history, complete examination including posture tests, orthopedic test, a chiropractic evaluation and sometimes diagnostic imaging may be necessary.

I work long hrs on my feet and after a few car accidents my overall spine health needed a special touch. Jeremy was able to provide relief (when others had failed) from my migraines that allowed me the freedom to put the Ibuprofen bottle down. I highly recommend that anyone contemplating chiropractic care make this office your first and last stop!

Migraine Treatment Plan

Chiropractic care for migraines will include specific chiropractic adjustments with techniques that you are comfortable with. Many think that the only way to adjust and correct the spine are will twisting the neck and thrusting until there is a sound coming out of the joint.

When done right, this is very effective and safe, it is not the only way to adjust the spine and achieve results. There are more less abrupt and more gentle approaches that will get results as well.

It is important to have good communication with your doctor. Dr. Jeremy will be the first to tell you that there are many ways to adjust the spine, but the best way is the one that you are comfortable with and gets results.

If you need help with your migraines in Fort Collins, please reach out to us at 970-300-2166 or schedule an evaluation and we will find the problem and set you on the course to correct it and get pain free.

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