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The journey to better health begins with an initial assessment. Dr. Overholt will meet with you to discuss your medical history and current lifestyle. Posture evaluation, chiropractic evaluation, and diagnostic imaging are possible examinations needed to craft a treatment plan.

Neck Pain
Your neck plays a significant role in your overall health but it is susceptible to injury from several different activities.
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Back Pain
This number one chiropractic concern severely limits a person’s ability to perform daily tasks.
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Possible symptoms include loss of feeling in the feet, restless legs, and balance issues.
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Headaches can be caused by dehydration to spine misalignment issues.
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This common neurological condition makes it difficult to function in one’s daily activities.
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This condition usually manifests in the form of a burning feeling or a dull ache in the legs.
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Auto Accident
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We treat all type of conditions that require chiropractic treatment. From seizures to migraines, back pain to auto accident injuries – Book a consultation with Dr. Jeremy Overholt today!