“Time is an adversary not subject to casualty.” Bill Bowerman Oregon Ducks Track & Field Coach

I have always liked that quote.  Not so much because it was from a running coach as it reminds me of the paradox that is time.  It’s a constant that keeps going regardless of our begging for more or our perception of its speed or slowness.  Sometimes the days aren’t long enough.  Sometimes they are too long.  We complain we don’t have enough time to do what is really important because we are doing what we feel we have to.  It is a lot like money, nobody ever complains about having too much of it.  No such thing.

It is, however, the great commodity in life and healing.  Healing and health take time and if there is a get it quick idea out there, run the other way.  We have all heard of the lose 50 lbs. by the end of the weekend schemes.  I raise my eyebrow is suspicion of those.  There isn’t anything lasting there, just the same as thinking the almost instant pain from taking a pain pill is health. Neither of them holds water.  Healing takes time, period.  How long depends on your starting point.  Your age, stressors, and condition of your body are all part of the equation.  The constant in that equation is that everyone can increase their health no matter their scenario.  If your health is in distress even the smallest of baby steps will put you on the course to restoring it.  Is that getting more active?  Eating better food?  Getting more sleep?  Addressing some old injury?  Getting a good chiropractor to help you repair your spine increasing nerve flow? Or maybe first you have to deal with your limited mindset and get the belief that you CAN have better health and a better life.

Now there is a paradox of health and time you need to know about as you take your baby steps.  It takes the time to achieve or increase your health.  The greater your health, the more fruitful your time can be!  That is exciting!  Think of it this way.  If you increase your health, you are increasing your ability to interact with your family, your hobbies or your usefulness in your occupation or volunteering.  You are able to do more with what you have and really invest in QUALITY TIME.  You may not be able to buy more time, but you can maximize the value of what you do have.

Wow, just writing this makes me want to down a shot of wheat grass, run a few miles on a Fort Collins trail and get face to face with my family and make some life memories.  Baby steps or giant strides, the next step you take in the direction of greater health will dictate the value and quality of time you have tomorrow and beyond.

Dr. Jeremy Overholt, Chiropractor Fort Collins, Colorado