“It’s not looking good for me.”

You were made to be exuberantly healthy.  You deserve to express 100% health all of your days until it culminates in a life well lived.  And if you can’t believe that, you need to live 100% healthy so you can give your best to your spouse, your kids, extended family, church, friends and to anyone else that counts on you.  Take a moment to think about all of the people that count on you.  Those that count on your words, your provision, your love, your commitment or your very presence.  Take inventory and realize the impact you are having in this world.

So right now, while you have the choice, decided that you will be the best you possible.  If not because you think you deserve it, for all of those who are counting on you. You may not always have this choice.

You see, you will change your health one of two ways.  You will decide that it is critically important to have health and you will make changes in how you think about it and corresponding habits.  Or you are going to experience having it taken from you and with it can go the joy of life and your ability to serve those counting on you.

Just yesterday I had a dear patient ask for a moment of my time in the exam room.  There he told me point blank, “I have an inoperable brain and lung cancer.  It’s not looking good for me.”  My heart sank and the only thing keeping the tears in my eyes was that he wasn’t tearing up also.

How dear, how precious this life is.  But do we only understand that when we are faced with losing it.

You better believe that he is making lifestyle and health changes as he goes on the offensive to fight for his life or even a few more added months or years.  He has to make these changes now.

You may not be like this patient of mine.  You may not be faced with these grave circumstances, but you have a choice. You can wait for your event to change you, or you can choose today. You can choose today to take stock of the value your life is and all of those who count on you.  Then make the changes necessary to live a life of health where you can give your best in this world.

You were not meant to have the conversation with your doctor that there is little to be done to save your life.  You are not meant to have the conversation with your loved ones that you may not be around for their next birthday, graduation, birth of a grandchild, or Sunday brunch.

You were meant to have life and have it abundantly.  Choose it today. Contact us.