You’ve got to listen to the story I am going to tell in this video. There is a tremendous health nugget revealed that is a true gem.

Most people don’t know my chiropractic story, but I believe that it starts here, in my father’s childhood. When i ponder this story the empathetic side of me can’t help but feel for this young boy and how he must have felt about what his body was doing. Or not doing. It really breaks my heart that in my father’s past he was down, and defeated with probably a deflated self esteem.

I can’t help but think about how many people are out there whose body’s are not cooperating and not allowing them to engage in life they way that they were meant to. The frustration that brings to a youth. The anger that can bring to an adult or aging person. As a person who deeply desires to see people experience greater health so they can play in life they way they want and were supposed to, these are very sobering thoughts.

But still, something so very small and minor in the grand scheme of things; something so out of the box changed the direction and outlook for that young man who is my father today. A simple chiropractic adjustment changed everything for him. By removing the interference in his body and allowing it to work the way it was supposed to enabled him to fully engage in life.

If this small event, chiropractic adjustment, would have never taken place; if my grandmother thought her friend was a nut case for encouraging her to take him, how would my dad have turned out? Would this problem have persisted? Would he have ever been confident in who he is? Would he have ever become my dad?

But he did have an encounter with a chiropractor. It changed his body. It changed his life.