You’re at a barbecue. It’s beautiful out. 85 degrees as the sun is going down. Laughter. The smell of the grill. Slight breeze. And then it hits. A pounding headache. It’s been there since you woke up but you’ve managed to push it to the back ground to not spoil this amazing summer day. But now it’s raging and maybe becoming a migraine. Ugh…

For many headaches become worse in the summer.  Despite increased daylight pouring vitamin D into you and endless opportunity for exercise, recreation and a celebratory state of mind; the constant pressure, the ebb and flow of pain in your head can be exhausting. It is estimated that 50% of the population experience headaches and 1 in 7 experience migraines. The summer time brings a unique bouquet of activities and environmental factors that push many overboard.

Keep the water bottle near

It’s no secret that you need more water in the summer since it’s hotter and you sweat a lot more. You may not know however that dehydration is the number one reason that people get headaches. It makes sense since your body is mostly made of the hydrogen and oxygen molecule. We need a lot more that what we usually get. The standard most cited is half your body weight in ounces. I will posture that is only the minimum. You need a whole lot more especially if you are outside a lot, live at altitude or plan on having a few adult beverages.  Drink and drink some more…..water that is.

Cover up

Dehydration due to substantial sun exposure to sun is not the only concern. Having too much exposure to your skin and eyes can lead to those headaches. Cover up with loose clothing and hats to avoid sun burns and wear sun glasses to alleviate eye strain are good strategies to keep headaches at bay. Heat itself is considered a major trigger for migraines for some people. In our Fort Collins chiropractic office we have witnessed several migraine sufferers reduce their sensitives with neck adjustments when indicated.

Ah, the smell of summer

Spring and summertime pollens, fragrances and other chemicals are enough to send some people’s allergy senses into a frenzy. This is a tough one because this stuff is everywhere. Candles to keep the bugs away, sprays, sunscreens, and the flowering pollens can be the root of your dismay. If you are sensitive to these sorts of things you may want to consider natural non chemical bug sprays and sun screens. If allergies are your thing I won’t advocate for the medicine that just covers it up and helps you get by. Instead I recommend that you have your upper neck, namely your atlas, checked by a chiropractor as many have experienced relief if there is a misalignment in this area that is interfering with your immune system. Also there are many natural remedies that help your body deal with allergens a whole lot more efficiently. Consider Antronex from Standard Process. We go through this like crazy in the spring and early summer.

Camping and Gardening Pain

Of course what would summer be without camping, rafting, exercising, hiking, climbing…..oh the list goes on with amazing outdoor activities that can lead to neck pain and headaches from vertebra misalignments from over use or injuries. Sleeping on the ground, carrying a pack on the trail or summertime yard projects are notorious for beating us up. Sadly most don’t get checked out with their chiropractor if they are sore or in pain after these activities. We wait and hope it goes away chalking it up to soreness from the activity. But these can lead to those headaches. Evaluating and correcting the alignment in your mid back and upper neck can keep you headache and migraine free in the summer.

We’ve helped so many people eliminate and reduce their headaches and migraines. Dr. Jeremy, a chiropractor Fort Collins trusts, at Inner Vitality Chiropractic takes a comprehensive approach to eliminating those headaches and migraines. If you’d like to know if we can help, give us a call and schedule a complimentary consultation at 970-300-2166.