Maybe you tossed and turned all night or slept like a baby. But you are afraid to get up out of bed. It’s not the monsters under the bed. It’s your back you’re afraid of. Will it bite today?

Some know all too well the ache, the pain, the give in your lower spine that brings you to your knees for doing nothing but starting your day.

The morning time can be downright gnarly for some. We hear it all the time, “I just got out of bed.” “I leaned over the sink to brush my teeth.” “I just stepped into the shower.” And the next thing you know its throbbing, you’re wondering how you will get through your day, let alone get the kids ready. Do you take Advil or something a little stronger?

There isn’t really a short answer as to why this happens to so many when so many others spring to life in the morning with no problem at all. Is it your bed? Your sleeping positions? A true back problem? Yes, probably all of these and more combined. When you think about it you’ve been in the relatively the same position on the same mattress for several hours. If there is a lack of support from your position, mattress or the spine itself, your back was never able to really shut down for the night and relax. Your muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and brain were working all night long to just support and protect you. Now you get up and they are all worn out and can’t support the weight of your body in the upright position. Something gives.

You do need to seek out a chiropractor to have the problem thoroughly looked into to work towards resolution but your routine in the morning can make the difference between calling in sick, going to urgent care, or getting on with your day.  If you have lower spine problems in the morning or not here are a few things to do so you don’t get bit by this monster.


Before you even think about moving to get up, ready your body. To do this you need to be on your side or your back. One at a time, slowly bring your leg towards your chest like you were marching. You don’t need to go high knees but just get those legs moving, slowly. Hold it at the top of the motion for a one-one thousand and then back down. Now the other leg. Do this a few time on each side. This will reactivate the core muscles needed for stability when you move.

Getting Up

Even if you don’t have lower back pain, most people get this wrong. If you get up wrong you can instantly hurt a disc or joint capsule of your back and not want to move for the rest of the day. You ruin your chances if you are on your back and come straight up bending forward. Your back really doesn’t like that. After you’ve done your leg pulls move to your side facing the edge of the bed. Bring your legs off of the side and slowly push yourself up sideways with your arms. Far less insulting to your tired back. Activate your body.

Activate your Body

This one might seem counter intuitive but now that you are up, go to the floor on all fours and perform the Cat/cows like you see in this video.  This is will further activate your spine and coordinate the top and lower half of your body. I encourage you to do 10-15 repetitions of this activity. Do more if you think you need to; there is no limit on quantity.


Doing these three simple activities will help you navigate a sometimes dangerous morning routine. These however are no replacement for getting your spine checked. If you experience routine pain in the morning or your back has “gone out” you need a professional’s evaluation and advise. Dr. Jeremy and Inner Vitality Chiropractic have been honored to serve Fort Collins for over 12 years. The reason we are so highly reviewed is that we get you well and empower you to take charge with awesome home exercises. Give us a call; our consultations are always complimentary, 970-300-2166.