How Can A Chiropractor Help Me With My Back Pain?

Chronic back pain affects an estimated 100 million Americans, making it a major public health issue at a cost of around $600 billion a year. Ouch! The term ‘chronic pain’ refers to any long-term pain (longer than 3 months) and or disability resulting from a back injury, or from a variety of other causes.

Chronic back pain is a long-term, persistent condition that causes physical or psychological distress.

Typically, back pain is caused by some type of injury, work-related injury, or sports-related injury – or is the result of a prolonged sedentary lifestyle combined with poor posture.

Either from traumatic injury or sedentary lifestyle, chronic back pain is a reality for hundreds of millions of people around the globe.

Getting treatment for back pain typically begins with a visit to your local chiropractor where you will receive high quality treatment and suggestions for lifestyle changes designed to strengthen your back muscles and lower your pain.

Chiropractors are trained to diagnose, treat, co-manage, and manage the treatment of those experiencing back pain and work with other healthcare providers.

Chiropractic Treatment

The direct route to managing back pain symptoms is via (non-surgical) chiropractic care, which utilizes chiropractic adjustments to help the body heal itself, with a focus on lowering pain levels and reducing the swelling of inflamed muscle tissue.

Chiropractic adjustments are a proven treatment solution and your chiropractor will work closely with you to obtain the best results for your short-term back pain symptoms or long-term disability caused by your medical condition.

Evidence-Informed Management Of Chronic Low Back Pain With Spinal Manipulation And Mobilization — The Spine Journal

During your care, your chiropractor will constantly evaluate your progress and will tailor your care program in consultation with you, in the interests of the best result.

Your chiropractor is a highly qualified healthcare professional who aims to assist people in lowering their pain, increasing mobility and reducing the incidence of future occurrences.

Lifestyle Advice

In the absence of obvious traumatic injury, it can be difficult to diagnose chronic back pain, however, sedentary lifestyle and poor posture are recognized by chiropractors as major risk factors.

Slouching or hunching places undue stress on the spinal column and can increase your chances for back-related injury.

As in other parts of our life, staying active is important for our health. Both spinal mobility and resistance to future back injury are improved when moderate activity and posture improvements are combined.

Staying active and working to improve your posture can make a big difference to back pain patients.

Incorporating a daily walking routine can result in significant improvements to lower back health and works to prevent future injury by strengthening your back muscles.

Why not try the Straighten Up app to receive posture and spinal exercise reminders throughout the day to improve your spinal health.

We invite you to come in and meet the team here at Inner Vitality Chiropractic for more information on back pain and other spinal health issues.

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